Van is the mastermind and creative director for Vantastic Weddings. She has an eye for style and design. She is a creative thinker with an “outside the box”​ approach to most projects. She has built her career in a variety of diverse roles where she has handled customer service, budgets, sales contracts, and developed and implemented creative marketing plans. She is used to wearing many hats but her favorite hat is not a hat but a tiara 😉  Her favorite part about working on weddings and events is seeing the project from inception through completion. She finds satisfaction in her work when a client is truly happy with the event and her service.

Her favorite thing to do outside of work is being outdoors and eating. Her one weakness is ice cream. Combine the ice cream with a hot chocolate chip cookie, and you’ll see her go to town like none other. She also enjoys calligraphy and graphic design in her spare time. You can find some of her work on the blog as she loves to share her crafts and skills with others.

The most enjoyable aspect of Van is her personality. She is upbeat, friendly, smiley and radiates a positive vibe that is contagious. But don’t let this persona fool you. She is stern when she needs to be especially when negotiating contracts with vendors and sticking to budgets. So if you’re ready to have a VANTASTIC wedding or event, then Van is your woman!